Students honor veterans during special luncheon

Students honor veterans during special luncheon
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Nettleton High School hosted their 8th annual Veteran's Luncheon on Friday.

The students helped organize the event, and many say they look forward to it each year.

"We really wanted to show honor to all the veterans and servicemen," said Senior Jacelyn McDaniel.  "It's the best feeling that you can ever have in your life."

The event included a U.S.O show, special music performed by students, and stories told by veterans.

"I always love when a veteran gets up to speak. It always melts my heart," McDaniel said.

She also enjoys hearing stories of sacrifice from the veterans' families.

Many of the students describe their experience helping host the luncheon as a humbling one.

"It's a great event, even if you're not a veteran it's something that you can show your honor to them and remember how important this day is," McDaniel said.

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