To craft or to buy? The cost of pinning

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - DIY projects are booming with the help of popular social media apps like Pinterest.

A simple search on the app reveals several creative ideas to help consumers put their touch on everyday items.

One of the more popular trends is repurposing furniture by using the pieces in other ways than originally intended.

It's done by taking vintage furniture, often found at yard sales or flea markets, and refinishing them to appear brand new.

"Whoever came up with it, they're genius," said Tracii Adams, owner of Wut Knotz in Jonesboro. "Things that I would never ever imagine being able to put together, it's on there. Anything you can think of, it's been done, and someone has taken a picture of it."

Pictures Adams said inspire the pieces she and her husband sell at several Jonesboro stores.

"My husband even does Pinterest," Adams said. "He'll come to me sometimes and show me stuff and say 'What do you think about us doing something like this?' and it's a project we haven't thought about or a color combination we haven't thought about, and it looks really cool. We just throw it together. We might put our own little twist on it and do it a little different; but, yeah, you get lots of neat ideas."

Adams said she has noticed a significant price difference between the items they sell and similar ones sold in stores.

"We recently had a sofa table," Adams said. "It had a naturally-stained wood top, and then the sides were a cream color, we sold it for $65. I've seen similar ones at Kirkland's that are just slightly fancier on the sides, but some of those went for $189.99."

Vintage store owner Kim Harkey has also seen savings in repurposing furniture items.

Harkey has always been interested in repurposing items and interior decorating. After her children moved out, she opened Gray's Attic in Harrisburg and began doing DIY projects as a hobby.

"A lot of these pieces, people would be surprised that people have just set them by the curb for the trash to pick up," Harkey said. "If you have an abundance of supply, you can do it for nearly nothing."

Savings she's especially seen after refinishing a china cabinet and repurposing broken chairs.

"I painted it the way I wanted to paint it, and then added some accent colors on it," Harkey said.  "It saved me probably about $400. I use broken chairs; I can repurpose them and put them out in my flower bed."

DIY projects can also be a family activity.

Harkey leaves painting up to her grandson if the project doesn't require much precision.

Both Adams and Harkey suggest tables as an easy first-timer project.

For a look at other DIY projects, and to find ideas and instructions on how to complete projects, go to Pinterest or download their mobile app.

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