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Calibration problems with machines lead to questions

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There has been a couple of incidents in Lawrence County where votes may have changed while voters have used electronic voting machines, election officials in Lawrence County said.

According to County Clerk Tina Stowers, it was not a question of illegal activity but a calibration issue. Stowers told Region 8 News that the calibration issue happens when the electronic machines are moved each day.  

"Every night we move the machines to the vault and bring them back so moving them causes this issue,” said Stowers. “Even sometimes people bumping them could possibly cause this problem but it is typically when we are moving them from location to location.”

If someone spots an issue, the ballot is canceled, the machine is recalibrated and the voter is given a new ballot, Stowers said, noting everyone who has noticed the problem has caught the mistake before officially casting their vote.

“In any case, if anyone has any problem with their ballot, tell an election worker,” said Stowers. “We are here to help.”

Early voters at the polls feel confident that this calibration issue will not interfere with their right to vote.

“I think those were just a few instances so I’m not worried,” said Stephanie Mondy, a registered voter. “People have died for our right to vote. So you have to vote I mean regardless of which way it goes, as long as you vote you have done all that you can.”

Stowers said in the 2012 election, they saw 1,786 early voters. This election, she said she is pleased to see that number has increased.

“So far we have seen over 2,600 early voters so that means that more people are concerned and more people want their voices to be heard,” said Stowers.

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