Teacher inspires students with video challenge

Annie Camp teacher starts positive challenge
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Annie Camp Junior High School is getting a lot of positive feedback after one teacher challenged her fellow teachers to participate in what she calls the Inspiring Students Challenge.

"I saw this video challenge online and decided to challenge our faculty and staff to find a student who inspires them to come to work every day just to recognize them," said Chelsea Treadway, a science teacher.

Treadway eventually got everyone on board and went around to each class and had the teacher pull out a student who they felt inspired them to get up and go to school.

"It was actually the first video I have ever edited but I really wanted to record them telling the students how they felt," Treadway said.

Treadway said at first the students who were selected were confused but eventually they understood what was going on.

"They just lit up," Treadway said. "It was a smile, it was a laugh, it was a hug, 'I love you,' everything positive."

Treadway was inspired to do the video because she thinks that the job as a school teacher revolves around the students.

"It is all about them," Treadway said. "The reason why we get up and do what we do is all for them."

Treadway said because it was so hard for teachers to choose which students they wanted to recognize, she plans to do the challenge again.

She also challenges others out there to recognize those who inspire them on a daily basis.

"Take the opportunity to tell someone how they make you feel because it made the students feel good, I know it made the teachers feel good," Treadway said. "Anybody who does something for you, just to recognize them would be a positive act."

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