GR8 Job: AHTD engineer saves contractor with improvised tourniquet

AHTD employee honored for saving coworker

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - When someone became stuck between a truck and a hard place, an engineer with the highway department came to the rescue.

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department announced Logan Hardin, an advanced construction field engineer, as the AHTD Unsung Hero of November for his actions on Aug. 30.

"I'm glad I was where I was when it was time," Hardin said. "I am glad I helped him any way I could. I just reacted mostly."

According to AHTD, a contractor was pinned between a truck and a guardrail in an accident and the truck was rolling forward.

The contractor's leg was caught in between the tire and the front bumper causing it to "stab" into the person.

"When we finally freed him, I think the bumper tore into one of his main arteries," Hardin said. "I was the closest to him so I didn't hesitate."

Hardin reportedly used an improvised tourniquet to slow the bleeding for about an hour until emergency personnel and a medical helicopter could arrive.

"I actually used his belt around his waist to tie around his inner thigh to cut off the blood circulation," Hardin said. "Having experience with AHTD and going through meetings and being a boy scout, I think I was more prepared to help him."

"Logan's actions undoubtedly saved the contractor's life," according to the AHTD spotlight webpage.

Hardin has worked in District 10 for the last 12 years.

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