Local Reaction From 20/20's Broadcast Of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

May 20, 2005 -- Posted at 11:00 p.m. CST

Walnut Ridge, AR -- "The Apostle Pauls says in First Corinthians Chapter 15, if the resurrection is not true than everything we have done will be in vain," said Assistant Professor, Robert Foster.

Foster is a professor at Williams Baptist College in Walnut Ridge.

It is the core of Christian Faith.

"Sometimes when we talk about Christ, we tend to fixate on his death and his crucifixion and that certainly is important---but, really, embedded in the crucifixion is the resurrection as well," said Foster.

The physical resurrection of Jesus Christ fuels controversy, but also inspires believers.

"The biblical text is their authority. That's the basis of their knowledge and the basis of their knowledge.  What they know comes from that, and they don't doubt they have faith because they have affirmation and find confirmation in the biblical text," said Foster.

Dr. Foster says this is a debate that even occurred in the biblical text, and that history repeats itself.

"When Paul is on the missionary trip he actually debates with the local scholars, if you will, the local intellectuals at Mars Hill. The end result especially when he brings up the part about resurrection is that some scoff," said Foster.

Some believe, but some say, whoa, you have given us too much too handle for right now," said Foster.

Dr. Foster says he's not surprised this topic continues to ignite debate.

"I think all Christians are excited when we do have discussions about the biblical text, Christ, and his life. That is such a significant event for us. If we can get people talking about that then we are delighted to do so," said Foster.