Increased Seismic Activity in Mississippi County leads to Public Forum on Earthquakes in Blytheville

MAY 24, 2005 - Posted at 4:11 p.m. CDT

BLYTHEVILLE, AR - In response to recent increased earthquake activity in Mississippi County, a group of panel members will be on hand for a public discussion of the New Madrid seismic zone and related topics Friday evening at Arkansas Northeastern College in Blytheville.

A five-person panel that includes researchers from the University of Memphis, the executive director of the Central United States Earthquake Consortium and the Deputy Director of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management will discuss recent seismic activity in the region, emergency management and general earthquake preparedness.

There will be a 30-minute presentation, followed by a 45-minute question & answer session.  Information and brochures will also be available to the public.

Although there is still considerable uncertainty surrounding the earthquake potential of the New Madrid fault zone, the Blytheville area has been shaken by magnitude 4.0 quakes five times since 1996, with two events since February of 2005.

The forum begins at 6:30 Friday evening in the Adams-Vines Auditorium on the ANC campus.