Poor Budget Prognosis Worries Some Employees At Poplar Bluff's VA Medical Center

May 23, 2005 -- Posted at 9:00 p.m. CDT

Poplar Bluff, MO -- "We serve the oldest, sickest, poorest and those that are chronically and mentally ill. These are people that are highly disadvantaged in many respects. Somebody has to speak up before they are laying on the street begging for health care," said President of American Federation of Government Employees local 2338.

Luann Holst says she can't stand the thought of this happening to veterans, and she says it's a concern that is echoed through the hospital.

"We simply don't have the money to provide all of the care that these old, sick, poor American veterans deserve," said Holst.

National President of the American Federation of Government Employees, John Gage, answered questions and provided information to the group as well.

"I think people are telling us they think care has dropped, and it has dropped, and that is want we want to stop," said Gage.

He says they are pushing for supplemental appropriations for the VA.

He says the VA has worked very hard to make the care veterans receive the best in the world.

"Time of war, it's time to take care of today's soldier that will become tomorrow's veteran," said Gage.