Going Green

Posted at 9:00 PM Monday May 23rd

Jonesboro--Imagine, 29 miles of smooth, paved walking and riding trails that circle the city, connecting some of the most popular points in town. You don't have to imagine any more. It's coming. Construction has already begun on a 29 mile walking and riding trail that will circle the city of Jonesboro.

The project owes a lot to Belz-Burrow's latest project, Turtle Creek Mall. As part of the deal struck with the city, Belz-Burrow's builders will do the site work, preparing the land for the first mile and a half between the north end of the mall, down Turtle Creek, all the way to Allan Park on Race street.

That's making a big difference in the cost too. The developer's share of the cost is over 81 thousand dollars. Almost $7 thousand dollars more than what the city will have to put up. Total cost: $156,000 for a mile and a half of paved walking and riding trail.

Parks Director Jason Wilkie is excited about this project. He says Jonesboro needs this Greenway, and the time is right.

Ted Herget's behind it too. As owner of Jonesboro's Gearhead Outfitters, certainly he stands to profit from a riding and walking trail, but more importantly to him, there will be a place where others can share the sport he loves.

Don't get too excited about the project just yet.  The first mile and a half near The Mall At Turtle Creek won't be complete until next spring.