Christmas wishes in Region 8 need your help

Christmas wishes in Region 8 need your help
(Source: KAIT-V)
(Source: KAIT-V)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Without the help of Region 8, many children may not believe in Santa Claus after this Christmas.

The Salvation Army has put multiple Angel Trees up throughout Jonesboro.

Each paper angel represents a child whose Christmas won't be magical this year.

At least, not without some help, according to Lt. Angela Sadler with the Salvation Army.

"Every child, when the family comes in, gives their parent a wish list," Sadler said. "On their wish list that's on the angel tree is a list of things the child themselves wants."

Sadler said this year the Salvation Army has a huge need to try and fill.

"We have 1,313 families that signed up with us," Sadler said. "Within those families we had 982 single angels. Those are children from newborn to 12 years old and those are also seniors."

Sadler said Region 8 residents have started trying to help.

"The response has been good," Sadler said. "We have almost half of the angels back. The problem is there are still over four hundred angels out."

Sadler said the process is simple.

You can select an angel from the tree. On it is a list of items and people can purchase two gifts for your child and one outfit.

Sadler said every angel left on the tree is a child, whose Christmas will be sad instead of happy.

"If a child's angel doesn't get picked or someone pulls it and then forgets about it," Sadler said. "Then the child isn't going to get what they wanted or something that they like. They're just going to get what's leftover. And that's heart breaking. For a child to wake up on Christmas morning and there to be stuff there but not what they asked for. Especially, when you have kids who still believe in Santa Clause."

Sadler said many families in need are praying the generosity of others will allow their children to continue being children.

"You know, you have those parents who financially can't go out and buy for their own children," Sadler said. "If they could, they would make sure that their kid got what they asked for from Santa. But if the angels aren't returned back to us to be able to be filled appropriately then that child might wake up on Christmas morning and realize that something is just not right in their lives."

You can help keep a child wishing on a star.

Angel Trees are set up inside the Mall at Turtle Creek, Kroger Grocery Store and the Ta Molley's location in both Jonesboro and Paragould.

Sadler has extended the Angel Tree project until Dec.15.

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