A Better Region 8 Guest Editorial: BRTC's community partnerships

A Better Region 8 Guest Editorial: BRTC's community partnerships

Early this year, the faculty and staff of Black River Technical College began its strategic planning process. To begin the campus conversation, I asked the question, "What do we value?"

As you might imagine, there were many different responses to my question, but one particular response appeared time and again—Black River Tech values our community.

Community partnerships are vital to the long-term success of Black River Tech students, faculty, and staff—our College cannot accomplish our aspirations without the strength and support of you.

For Black River Tech, community partnerships take many different forms—

1. The College collaborates with our public schools to ensure high school students have a jump start in college-level learning and career opportunities.

2. The College responds to the expressed needs of business and industry to educate the workforce needed that is critical to their success.

3. The College faculty, staff, and students integrate into the fabric of our community—we buy homes, groceries, and gasoline throughout our region. We have a vested interest in our region's success—we want our community to thrive just like you.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and to partner with you in various ways. We look forward to enhancing our regional partnership with you. Together, we can make this A Better Region 8.

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