Patrolman surprised with kind gesture from stranger

Patrolman surprised with kind gesture from stranger
(Source: David Stout Facebook)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Something that initially startled a Jonesboro patrolman ended up being something that made him proud to be an officer.

David Stout with the Jonesboro Police Department said he was at home watching television when all of a sudden he heard some noise outside his house.

"My dog started going crazy and I got up to see what was going on," said Stout. "I'm usually very cautious when I see people drive in my neighborhood cove so I was alert."

Stout, ready to take whatever actions need to protect his home, looked outside and saw a man putting something under the windshield wiper of his patrol unit.

"I opened the door and of course he was walking away at that time but then he turned around and we began to talk," said Stout. "He told me he was very thankful for law officials and what we do in the community so he left a thank you note."

Stout said after inviting the man into his home to talk, he learned that he was a military veteran, like himself, and they shared stories with each other.

"After we finished talking, I wasn't able to catch his name so I finally opened the thank you note and it said, 'thank you for your LEO service, lunch is on me. Merry Christmas,'" Stout Said. "He left a $20 in there and I tried getting his name but unfortunately he just signed his signature."

Stout said that even though he doesn't know the man's name nor has he ever seen him before, he still wants him to know that he is thankful.

"It was a very kind gesture, especially when times are not really great and the economy is not as good as it once was," said Stout. "I really appreciate it. Merry Christmas and I hope he has a very blessed New Year."

According to Stout, there have been multiple occasions where people have come up to officers in the community and paid for their lunches or simply said thank you.

He said it is gestures like that that makes his job in law enforcement something to be proud of.

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