Ford GT on Display in Corning

May 24, 2005--Posted at 6:00 p.m. CDT

CORNING-- Red Taylor Ford has the new Ford GT on display.

It's a hot rod that is on display only at a select few dealerships across the country.

Corning received the car after winning an award for excellence in customer service.

340 dealers out of 4,000 win the President's Award through the Ford Dealership each year.

Red Taylor ford was one of those few, and with that came the option to buy this car

"It's a hand built racing car. It has 500 horsepower, 6 speed gearbox and they're only making between a thousand and 12 hundred of them," Red Taylor Ford Vice President David Taylor says.

The luxury car which reaches 220 miles an hour has a price tag few can afford, and when it arrived, Taylor says it was too amazing to touch.

"The driver unloaded it and got it off the trailer. He made me sign for it which relinquished his responsibilities of course. I drove it straight into the show room. I didn't test drive it or anything. I wanted to but I didn't," Taylor says.

Five to six hundred people have gathered at the Red Taylor Ford showroom to take a look at the car since it's arrival, and believe it or not, the dealership already has some potential buyers.

"We've already had several people real interested in it. The cars are going anywhere from 200 thousand to 250 thousand," Taylor says.

These buyers aren't locals. Taylor says most of his calls have come from a listing on the Internet. He says it's a car only serious car collectors can afford.

"A lot of the movie stars are buying them. You know, the sure enough car collectors. Alan Jackson bought one. You know, people like that." Taylor says.