Residents say "too many" dogs suffer gunshot wounds from hunters

Residents say "too many" dogs suffer gunshot wounds from hunters
(Source: Kennett Humane Department)
(Source: Kennett Humane Department)
(Source: Kennett Humane Department)
(Source: Kennett Humane Department)
Residents living in the Bragg City, MO area said duck hunters are shooting dogs too often and they want it to end.
Region 8 News learned on Monday this type of animal cruelty happens a lot, according to Bragg City resident Michael Mann.
Mann found a dog this weekend suffering in excruciating pain from three gunshot wounds and later the Kennett Humane Department rescued it.
Mann finds no surprise the dog suffered two days from the wounds before he found it.

They shot one of mine about two years ago it was one of my favorite dogs and it's getting out of hand, Mann said.

For three years, Mann says hunters come to the town, which is known as a popular duck hunting area, said duck hunters are shooting dogs left and right.

At all hours of the night, they are whooping and hollering and shooting their guns off, Mann said.

When Mann found the injured dog Saturday, he said it make him sick and angry.

It's just stupid, he said. That dog never bothered anybody. He was a friendly dog and loveable dog.

Tena Petix with the Kennett Humane Department rescued the dog on a gravel road.
She does not blame every single duck hunter, but said believes hunters shoot the dogs simply because they get in the way of the game.

The dogs go out where the ducks were or around the people and scare the ducks off and the hunters of course dont want them there because they're there to hunt, so I guess that's the way they eliminate the problem, Petix said.

She described it as animal cruelty nearly at its worst. Both Mann and Petix said something needs to give.
Petix, who has rescued 800 dogs so far this year, said the root of the problem needs to stop, which is people dumping the animals.

The problem is there before the duck hunters come, and the abuse and neglect goes on because people get tired of them and don't know what to do with them, so they just get rid of them, she said.

People come out here and dump the dogs all the time, Mann said

Mann is looking to another approach in hopes to eliminate the animal cruelty problem.

It just needs to come to an end, he said. We all need to get together out there and sign a petition to end these duck hunters out there. Its ridiculous.

The dog found Saturday will be in surgery on Tuesday. Petix said so far, he is doing okay.
Anyone interested in making a donation for veterinarian costs click here. 

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