Bike Trail Gives Clues to what Jonesboro can Expect

May 25, 2005--Posted at 7:00 pm CDT

Hattiesburg, MS--It’s called the Longleaf Trace and it could provide clues to what Jonesboro’s bike trail will look like when complete.  When complete the trace will travel from downtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi to several Mississippi communities, ending forty miles away.  What makes the trail special is the accessibility for college students at southern miss university as well as others across the community.

“We can go get little things from the grocery store and it saves wear on our cars and helps the air in the city.” Southern Mississippi student Jeff Lawley said.  “If you want to go grab some lunch with someone, like I am today, I can take my bike.”

In Jonesboro, work has already begun on the first phase of the cycle trail.  Officials hope the trail will allow Jonesboro residents to easily reach most major places in town fairly easily by bike.  Obviously Arkansas state University and several other key Jonesboro locations are very close to where the proposed trail will lead.

The Longleaf Trace was funded through the federal ‘Rails to Trails’ program.  Here in Jonesboro local businessman could fund a significant portion of the trail with some other funds coming from the city.  City officials are also looking for other funds available outside the community like the ‘Rails to Trails’ program to help complete the trail.