Tamara Finch Returns Home

May 25, 2005--Posted at 7:30 p.m. CDT
JONESBORO-- The family of two year old Tamara Finch is relieved today after the child was returned to them early this morning.
Yesterday authorities issued a Morgan Nick Amber Alert after the child and her mother were taken from their Jonesboro apartment.
The mother is recovering from injuries she received in the incident.
The child was picked up by family at a predetermined spot around 3 a.m. After a discussion with the father who remains on the loose.
Residents in Denitra Forrest's apartment complex cannot stop thinking about the abduction of Denitra's daughter, two year old Tamara Finch.
"The biggest concern was the safe return of her child last night everyone has been asking me if her child has been returned and we just let them know that her kid's home now," Melrose Apartment Landlord Sasha Kile says.
But neighbors say this may finally put an end to the volatile relationship between Denitra and her ex boyfriend, Elliot Finch, who broke into her home once before in April.
Finch already had warrants issued for the kidnapping, rape and battery of his ex girlfriend. But the turn in his violent behavior was a shocking one with the abduction of their child, Tamara.
Neighbors say they're not shocked by the incident. They say this isn't the first time he has snuck through this back door.

"She had been letting him in the door. I have seen him sneak through the back door. I've even said what's up to him while he was going through the back door," a neighbor says.

But today, they're trying to make sure Elliot Finch will never make it through that door again.
"We're changing all the locks on her doors. We're trying the make it as secure as possible for her so she can feel safe when she comes home," Kile says.
And everyone hopes that the police will find Finch before he can harm anyone else.
"We're asking for the publics help. We've put out the description of his vehicle. We believe he still may be associated with the vehicle we gave out yesterday," Sgt. Steve McDaniel of the Jonesboro Police Department says.
"We're asking anybody with any information, please do not approach him. We still consider him armed and dangerous and we need your help in trying to locate him," McDaniel says.

Elliot Harold Finch is still at large. The police suspect he is driving a Silver Dodge Stratus with Arkansas License plate number 558-JJC.