AFA Calls Off Disney Boycott

May 25, 2005 -- Posted at 10:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- The American Family Association began a boycott 9 years ago against Disney.

AFA member, Bobby Hester, says he believes the primary reason for the boycott is because Disney supports some aspects of same-sex relationships.

"Primarily, probably because of the gay day that Disney had which is a promotion of that type of lifestyle," said Hester.

Earlier this week, the AFA called off their boycott of Disney.

Hester says they will devote their resources to other issues.

"That does not mean people will start flocking to Disneyworld. Those that have boycotted Disney. The boycott is still on as far as I am concerned until they completely change," said Hester.

Disney doesn't seem to be feeling much impact from the boycott, reporting higher earnings, and increases in park attendance.

"You always take a step like a boycott as a last resort because you wonder whether boycott's work," said Steve Jacobson.

Steve Jacobson is pastor of Friendly Hope Baptist Church in Jonesboro.

He says some organizations are simply more responsive to boycotts than others.

"Thank the Lord we got a good response if there is a company that is responsive to the wishes and the feelings of their consumers. Sometimes there are and sometimes there aren't," said Jacobson.