Mistakes at the Pump

May 26, 2005--Posted at 7:00 CDT
JONESBORO-- This is the busiest car traveling season and hang ups at the pump can stop you dead in your tracks.
Gas prices aren't the only expensive hang-up at the pump. In fact, there are some mistakes that can cost you time and money.
Whether your headed out for a long trip in the car or just making a quick stop at the pump, mistakes in fueling can cost you.
Grabbing the wrong nozzle and pumping diesel fuel into your tank could really cause some major damage to your vehicle.
Ron Respess of Gateway Tire says, "The vehicle's going to shut off. You're going to have to get it towed in, have to replace the fuel filter. Normally they'll pull the fuel tank off and clean the diesel out."
Now, Respess says this mistake is normally made at mom and pop gas stations that aren't equipped with the newest pumps, but these days it's a little harder to confuse diesel with regular fuel.
The most obvious difference between the regular fuel pump and the diesel pump is diesel pumps are always shaded green, and if you try to fit this nossle into your tank, well, it just won't fit.
Another hang-up on the road is water mixed with gas, that's right, it's not unheard of, and if a gas station dilutes gas with water, it can also cause delay.
"Water is going to start off with the same type of symptoms. You're going to get the missing. Pull up to a red light, it may shut off. You get it cranked up. You're going to miss some more," Respess says.
It might not take a tow truck to get you to the repair shop, but ...
"You' re still encouraged to change your fuel filter, but there are different additives and treatment that you can put off in the gas that will off set the water and kind of break it down so it will go ahead and burn through the system," Respess says.