Safety tips before and after you light your chimney

Chimney fire danger
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Now that the seasons are changing and temperatures are getting low, many Region 8 residents will begin lighting fires in their chimneys.

But, there's a few things you need to know before you light a match indoors.

Eric Simmons, Division Chief of Training with the Jonesboro Fire Department, shared some safety tips Wednesday on how to make sure you're being safe before and after you light your fire.

"One thing you want to do is make sure your chimney is clean, your flues are clean," he said. "You need to do that once a year by a professional."

Simmons also advised residents to not burn paper in their fireplace, and to keep a glass or metal screen in front of the fireplace to prevent sparks from popping out.

"When you take the ashes out, be sure to put them in a metal container," he said. "And keep them about three feet away from the house or further, so if something happens it doesn't cause the house to catch on fire."

Portable space heaters are also a safety hazard this winter season. Simmons says putting an object too close to the device will also cause a fire in your home.

"What people do sometimes is they'll put them up close to their bed so they can feel the heat, but if it gets too close it can start a fire," he said.

Simmons also recommended to all residents in the Jonesboro community to make sure their fire is put out completely before they leave the house or go to sleep.

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