A-State proposing stadium upgrades

A-State proposing stadium upgrades

Centennial Bank Stadium could soon be getting a facelift.

A-State currently is in the process of trying to build a new football facility in the north end zone of the stadium.

The proposed upgrade would include an outdoor club area and a system operations center for medical treatment and academics.

"It allows our team to have a more updated facility,"  Terry Mohajir, A-State athletic director said. "It also allows us to expand our athletic program because right now we are all on top of each other. Our athletic programs are expanding. Our services are expanding, and it gives us an opportunity to move some people around and also enhance our football program."

According to Mohajir, the facility would not just be for the football team, but for the fans as well.

"With your competition being Netflix, movies and all kinds of other entertainment, we really are trying to make it as attractive as possible so people want to come and spend time and six Saturdays a year with the Red Wolves," Mohajir said.

Mohajir later said he hopes to debut the outdoor club area for the home opener against Miami next year.

Currently A-State is in the financial planning stage of the project and still needs approval from the board of trustees of the Arkansas State University System.

According to Mohajir, the facility would be paid for by private sources.