Kennett Soaking up Sun at New Pool

May 28, 2005--Posted at 5:00 pm CDT

Kennett, MO--They’re soaking up the sun and having fun doing it inKennett, MO.  Sheryl Crow, a Grammy award winning artist, helped fund the project in her home town.  “I hope this helps revitalize parts of the downtown area.” Crow said while being interviewed at the grand opening of the Sheryl Crow Aquatic Center.

The center boasts an Olympic sized pool with a unique salt water liquid, a separate child pool, and a splash pool with a separate underground pool.  It was built on land donated from a local businessman and organizers were overjoyed they were able to finish the project before the Memorial Day Weekend.

Crow grew up in Kennett and says some of her fondest memories were of heading to the public swimming pool with friends.  “I used to head there at seven each morning.” Crow said.  That pool closed down nearly twenty years ago and the community has been without a public pool ever since.

For the grand opening of the center several local bands played and then Crow took the stage alongside her dad to play several of her most popular songs.  After playing she quickly toured the facility with friends and family.  A line stretching out into the street patiently waited until it was time to open up the pool so that they could jump in to the pool.