Blake Anderson explains what steps the program needs to take next

In recent weeks, Blake Anderson's name came up in regards to coaching rumors.

Specifically, Anderson's name came up when the Baylor job was open. Baylor since filled the job but what about other openings?

Media and fans alike began immediately asking what's next for the future.

In a recent meeting with local media, Anderson assured everyone he wasn't actively looking for a job, in fact he mapped out the future of the Arkansas State program. It gives great insight to the steps the program needs to take to take that next step towards "big time."

Here's what Anderson offered.

"I did a program analysis a year ago to really evaluate and tell Terry where we were. We went through 3 transitional recruiting classes from Hugh to Gus, Gus to Harsin, Harsin to me. We signed roughly 75 players, 35 of those players left the program at some point. We are still in a rebuilding phase whether people want to admit or not. We don't go through 5 head coaches in 5 years without a residual effect. Now, we are really fortunate because unlike most people in a rebuilding phase, we've still been able to win inside our conference and win championships, but we are not built physically the way we need to be built physically outside of our conference to compete the way we all want to."

"Now that's not an excuse as to why we got beat by UCA, because we are better than those guys, we didn't play. But when  we match up against Auburn and Missouri and Tennessee and Miami and Nebraska and Miami a year from now and even Toledo at this particular point, we're just not physically built and our roster is not built to manhandle those guys and to match-up the way we want to. It will happen. It's called recruiting, one year at a time, and we've had two really good classes in a row and we plan on having another one and I'd say a year or two or three from now if we keep doing what we're doing we have a chance to look like Toledo physically."

"We've got a chance to be that kind of program, you don't get that having five head coaches in five years. They elevated from within, from within and from within and continued to build the same as Boise did for a lot of years. You see a lot of those programs, we've been dealt a hand. He's hired a lot of great people along the way but there's still been an effect. And we are managing it the best, the best thing we did was take the group we were left with and went down to the Mobile Bowl and just got blown out, we took that group and we went out grabbed Waylon Roberson and Jake Swalley, Cody Brown and Bo Sentimore and Chris Murray's and Joe Bacchus. We went out and grabbed those guys and put them together and we won nine games last year and went undefeated. Now we are going to lose a lot of those guys and we've got similar problems but this is a long term plan and this is not a fix over night."

"I know it's tough when we lose one of those games, I don't like it I promise you any more than anybody else. There's not a more competitive person out there than me but I'm in this for the long haul. We're going to fix it so when they get tired of me and send me out of town or a job comes around that I feel is necessary for us to take, I want to leave this place in great shape for the next guy and the fan base so there is just a lot more to the story than just one game or one loss. This is a big picture and thirty-five guys is half the dudes we signed in a three year period and it's hard to win games and we found ways to do it anyway."