JPD: 'Good Samaritan' finds child in street without coat, shoes

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 firefighter went above and beyond the call of duty early Friday morning when he found a young boy wandering the streets of Jonesboro in freezing weather.

Josh Caughron, Newport Firefighter and EMT, was on his way home from work at 12:56 a.m. when he spotted the 3-year-old child walking near the intersection of Flint and Nettleton.

"I called him over to me and I said little man where are you from? What is going on? He couldn't talk his little teeth were chattering he was so cold," Caughron said.

According to the report, the child did not have on a coat or shoes. The temperature was 25 degrees.

"First thing I thought of is what is a boy this young doing on the street this late and where is his coat," Caughron said. "Where does he live why is he out on the street?"

The man asked the boy if he was lost, then offered him a blanket and put him in the front seat of his car to warm up before calling 911.

"Once I made contact with him and saw how cold he actually was, that's when I knew this wasn't just a boy out playing," said Caughron. "Something was wrong."

Officers Mohammed Pasha and Kiandra McCain arrived on the scene and, while comforting the child and trying to find his home, learned that his mother had reported him missing.

The mom told Pasha she had put her son to bed following a trip to Wynne. When she woke up, she discovered he was gone, and the front door of her home on Strawn was open.

Pasha noted in his report that the front door's chain bolt was damaged. The mother promised she would get it repaired.

After collecting statements from the mother and the man who found the boy, the child was left in the mother's custody.

Caughron said he wants this act of kindness to inspire others out there to always be ready to help someone whenever the time comes.

"You have to step it up as far as being mindful of what's going on and help people," said Caughron. "You don't do this job for the lights and sirens. "Luckily the good lord put me in the right place at the right time."

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