Avoiding road rage during holiday season key, officials say

Avoiding road rage during holiday season key, officials say

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A 3-year-old child was shot and killed this past weekend in an apparent road rage incident in Little Rock, officials said Monday, noting people should be mindful not to get into a similar situation.

Many people have witnessed road rage in even its simplest forms such as drivers honking angrily, passing at high speeds, and brake checking.

However, this weekend's incident was far more serious.

According to neurophysiologist Dr. Kristen Addison-Brown, some people expressing road rage may be suffering from problems with dementia, anger management issues or other problems.

She said this could put others in a risky situation if they retaliate.

"You never know what somebody's background is, they may have just come from a major problem at home, they may have just gotten fired at work, they may be on the brink, you know on the edge already. And you don't know what might set them off and I think you do have to consider that um, they may be a perfectly nice person, you have no idea, though.  And certainly, it's not worth risking it to have that brief moment of satisfaction from you know showing them your anger right back," Addison-Brown said.

Addison-Brown said remaining calm is the best decision if you are ever in a road rage situation, adding you should avoid any acknowledgment or retaliation so that you don't end up in harm's way.

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