Coats are heading to children's homes

Coats are heading to children's homes
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Store owners of a local chain decided they were going to help children in a big way.

Gearhead Outfitters store owners Ted and Amanda Herget started a campaign called, "Buy One, Give One."

Its purpose was to raise as many coats as possible for kids in children's homes.

Store owner Amanda Herget said this is something that means a lot to her.

"Something that we're really passionate about is giving back to the communities that we serve," Herget said. "I've really gotten familiar with the foster care system. Someone that is close to us is a foster care parent. And so, I've learned a lot about these children in the children's homes that are in need of clothing. Especially coats this time of year. And so, it's just become something I'm really passionate about."

CEO of Children's Homes Incorporated in Paragould Micah Brinkley said he was ecstatic when he got the call about the coats.

"We're always thrilled when someone comes and wants to partner with us to care for children," Brinkley said. "We have a lot of kids when they come to us they don't have a lot they bring with them. Sometimes they have only the clothes on their back. So, when you get into the winter months sometimes it gets hard to make sure they have everything they need. So, when you have businesses come and say they want to help you that's always great."

Herget said they ran the campaign for a month and half with huge results.

"During the month of November," Herget said. "We ran the campaign also part of December. We sold 580 coats, which means we will match that with the coats from our store. We are sending 580 coats out to children in need. And we are partnering with One Warm Coat, which is a national organization. They help us distribute the coats."

Brinkley said not only is this a great gift the children need, it shows people care.

"It's also something great for our kids," Brinkley said. "Because they have the opportunity to see people giving. And we want our kids to understand that we are blessed by what we do for others. So, it's a great life lesson for them as well. It teaches them the importance of going out and finding ways they can do things for other people."

Herget said they were thrilled to know they were helping so many children.

"It's really exciting to us," Herget said. "All of our staff has gotten behind this campaign. And it's something I think everyone can relate to because they know they want to help."

The coats they donated are worth over $50,000.

Brinkley said helping a child is the most important thing you can do.

"Our kids are our greatest asset we have in our world," Brinkley said. "So many times they just need people to make an investment in them. They have talents. They have skills that so many times go hidden because of all the problems they have in their lives. If people can find ways to be important in the lives of kids then all the sudden you uncover some of the most remarkable things in them that you never saw before. And when you uncover that, it opens up a whole world of possibilities for them."

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