Officials Say Dry Weather Could Spark Trouble.

May 31, 2005--Posted 3:00 pm CDT

Jonesboro, AR--Local officials ask if you don’t have to burn, don’t burn.  Jack Richardson with the Craighead County Office of Emergency Management points out that most fires set locally are probably illegal.  Adding that law enforcement often times ops to put out fires instead of writing tickets.  He now hopes that those who casually burn yard waste and trash will take his advice and stop burning until we get some local rain.


The Jonesboro Fire Department reports that for the month they have been surprisingly slow.  There are many reasons they credit for this, but say one key reason could be the humidity.  They say even with the dry ground and grass the high humidity slows the growth of fires keeping them manageable for right now.  They say once the humidity levels go down and the ground dries out just a bit more they expect to see more brush fires needing their help to put out.


Currently no counties inArkansas have issued burn bans but if these dry conditions continue officials say they expect that to soon change.  For more information about your counties dry conditions you go to the Arkansas Forestry Commission’s web page at