A Better Region 8 Guest: Pillowcase Project

A Better Region 8 Guest: Pillowcase Project

For the past several weeks, My Clothing One class at Bay High School adopted my Pillowcase Project to expand in a much larger scale. Initially, I began the Pillowcase Project five years ago because I spent a lot of my childhood in a hospital watching my beloved grandfather battle cancer. Because of this, I developed my Pillowcase Project to give a touch of home to an otherwise foreboding hospital room. I never had the opportunity to expand my project because the cost has been a hindrance. In January, my classmates and I will deliver over 50 pillowcases to brighten the day of patients at Lebonheur Children's hospital in Memphis. To see my classmates carry out my project was a truly rewarding and humbling experience.

One of the challenges I encountered was teaching others to create the pillowcases. To teach is a gift and definitely a gift I do not have. I never felt like I explained the process well enough to my peers, resulting in countless, "Sarah, can you help me?" questions. I have always been a helper, never hesitating to explain calculus, assist with annotated reading logs, or print off my notes for my classmates, but helping them with the pillowcases absolutely exhausted me. I believe this challenge gradually disappeared on its own but I learned the best way to help them was not to do it for them, but to explain it, even if it took multiple times.

Creating pillowcases were a multi-step process that turned out to be a rewarding experience, I enjoyed seeing my project expand on a much larger scale. Watching my classmates come together to help kids who need comfort during a tough time makes this a Better Region 8.

- Sarah Oppenheim, Bay High School

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