Mayor responds to fired police chief, asks for ASP investigation

(Source: Scott Rose)
(Source: Scott Rose)

HARDY, AR (KAIT) - 8:35 p.m.,  Jan 6 UPDATE: Region 8 News was able to speak to both Mayor Jason Jackson and former Police Chief Scott Rose who both agreed that a major disagreement is what led to Rose's termination.

Jackson said he was trying to reach out to Rose over the course of six days following some discrepancies he noticed in the upcoming audit.

One of those discrepancies included a large fuel bill that was attached to Rose's name.

That on top of other issues caused Jackson to make the ultimate decision of firing Rose to protect the city of Hardy.

Rose, on the other hand, said every time Jackson tried getting in touch with him, he was either working on a major case, or was sick. He also said because of their history, he didn't trust Jackson and wanted the treasurer to be present during any conversations about the discrepancies.

Rose also thinks personal matters have hampered his relationship with the mayor as well.

Several residents in the community told Region 8 News that they are confused with how everything is going with their city leadership.

"Both individuals in my opinion are first class individuals," said Mark Herring, a local business owner. "They've always treated me, my family, my business with respect and this just saddens me that we have to go through this dramatic turn of events."

Jackson did say they are still cooperating with an attorney over more issues that they are currently looking into.

Rose also said he too is speaking with his attorney on this matter as well because he feels he is being sabotaged.

11:04 p.m., Jan. 5 UPDATE: Rose said he wrote the correct officer on the report involving the damaged vehicle and does not know what could be wrong with it.

Rose also said he knows there are possible lawsuits against him, but does not believe the city could be liable.

10:28 p.m., Jan. 5 UPDATE: Hardy Mayor Jason Jackson said he plans to ask the Arkansas State Police to investigate former Police Chief Scott Rose after allegations of wrongdoing emerged in recent weeks.

The Hardy City Council had a special meeting Thursday night to hear from Jackson about the issue. Jackson said he received several allegations against Rose involving a business Rose owns, and that several businesses and people have threatened to sue Rose for things he did through that business. Jackson said he believes the city may be liable for money owed in a lawsuit.

Additional allegations made by Jackson include that Rose falsified an accident report and an insurance claim, saying another officer wrecked a city vehicle.

Jackson has claimed that Rose refused to talk to him about it.

Hardy council members voted Thursday night to further investigate Rose and adjourned without any public comment.

6:55 p.m., Jan. 5 UPDATE: Hardy Mayor Jason Jackson said Thursday night that Hardy Police Chief Scott Rose was terminated due to several reasons.

In a statement to Region 8 News, Jackson said the firing was due to "a result of insubordination, fraudulent behavior and abuse of a position of authority."

Rose had served as Department of Public Safety Director for 10 months, Jackson said.

The current Assistant Director, Tamara Taylor, will serve as interim director until the position is filled, Jackson said.

The police chief of Hardy has been fired after he refused to resign from his position, according to Scott Rose, who had held the position.

Rose told Region 8 News he received a text message from Mayor Jason Jackson telling him to either resign or be fired.

Rose told Region 8 News that he did not resign from his position because he did not agree with decisions made by the mayor.

"He's kept my hands tied to prevent me from doing my job," said Rose.

Region 8 News has reached out to Mayor Jackson for comment multiple times but has yet to hear back from him.

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