Concrete Annoyance- Changes Coming to Main Street.

June 1, 2005-Posted at 7:00 p.m. CST

The city has heard your complaints and are ready to respond. A decision has been made to look into alternatives for the existing speed bumps that are bringing headaches to business owners and citizens along main street.

Penny Roberts, a frequent traveler to Main Street says, "To me I think that they are more of an a nuisance than they are helpful because they are rough and bumpy. And when they originally put them in I thought they were making a mistake myself."

And Roberts isn't the only one with that opinion. Since the City installed the speed bumps over 2 years ago, they have received numerous complaints.

Brain Wadley, Operations Director for the City of Jonesboro said they have been overwhelmed with complaints.

He said, "If we get rid of those bumps, we don't need a third phone line. Those bumps, as we call them, have kind of worked in reverse. I see people come in here and call on the phone and they say that if you take those bumps at 45 you hardly ever feel em."

And the situation has gotten so bad that people are loosing sleep over these pesky bumps. Carrie Aquino, owner of Sheffield's Bakery on Main Street said that her problems persist into the night.

She said, "It's not as much loosing sleep as having trouble falling asleep." "We not only own the restaurant, but live above it as well. And at night it is very loud. It seems that people speed to get over them faster and that creates a lot of noise," she said.

The city is investigating other ways to slow traffic and keep pedestrians safe. We spoke with Nancy Chrisman of the Downtown Jonesboro Association and she said, "My main concern is that pedestrians remain safe if the city is going to remove the speed bumps."

The city has two options for the speed bumps. One is to remove the ramps, as they are known, with flat concrete bricks. The second is more drastic. It completely replaces the existing crosswalks with asphalt mounds. This would make drivers slow down more.

The city will have a decision on June 7th. KAIT will keep you updated as to when construction will begin.