Jonesboro Animal Control looks to add fence for quarantined animals

(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Man's best friend needs the help of Region 8 residents.

Officer Glenn McGinnis with Jonesboro Animal Control says they need a fence for their dogs in quarantine.

"Quarantine is to observe the dog," Hollis said. "We do medical work ups on them to make sure they are adoptable if they are not claimed. Sometimes the dogs are very aggressive because they're out of their environment. But it's just to observe the animals for seven days and give the owners a chance to come out and reclaim their dog."

McGinnis said they want to get these animals outside for their physical and emotional health.

"We need a new fencing area for the quarantined dogs," McGinnis said. "They're in quarantine for a period of seven days. No contact with the public or anyone other than the officers and kennel masters. So, we feel in that seven days they need a chance to get out and enjoy the weather and sunshine. It's healthy for them."

McGinnis said they just don't have enough room for the number of dogs they consistently pick up.

"We have fourteen quarantine kennels," Hollis said. "Within a week's time we could pick up anywhere from 20 to 25 dogs. So we have had to put smaller kennels, like the big crate kennels, on our quarantine side just to house the smaller dogs so the bigger dogs can have the bigger pens. So, we're always short on the quarantine side."

The new fencing area will have a total of six kennels and cost around six thousand dollars.

McGinnis said there are other ways people can help.

"Anything you can do to help," McGinnis said. "From blankets to collars to leashes. Fostering, we have a foster program until that dog can get adopted. Some of our older dogs that come in don't really fit in because they're scared. So, they'll stay in the back of the kennel. That's why we want to get them out in the yard and trusting people. We also take volunteers. If you want to come out and volunteer your time. Just walk four or five dogs a day. Anything you can do to help.

There are currently 122 dogs inside Jonesboro Animal Control.

"We are asking for donations of a One Source food," McGinnis said. "We have a pregnant dog that's going to have her puppies any day and we want to keep them on the better food for her and the puppies. So, we are asking for donated food. Especially with springtime coming in. We'll have an abundance of puppies and we want to keep them on a better dog food for their health."

McGinnis said they need this additional fence now.

"We don't have enough space," McGinnis said. "This is what we use the donated money for. It's for the animals. And most of the animals are dogs that are picked up on the streets. I believe right now a large part of our problem is county dogs coming into the city."

The Brookland School District is already jumping on board to try and help.

They'll be hosting Pennies for Paws Feb. 1 through the 15.

If you would like to help, contact Jonesboro Animal Control.

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