City of Hoxie responds to Walnut Ridge consolidation effort

City of Hoxie responds to Walnut Ridge consolidation effort
Walnute Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp (Source: KAIT)
Walnute Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp (Source: KAIT)

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - Hoxie Mayor Lanny Tinker responded on the city's Facebook page to reports that Walnut Ridge is looking to consolidate with the city.

Tinker said he was disappointed that Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp talked about consolidation ideas without discussing any of it with Hoxie's city council members.

Tinker compared the talks to a "hostile takeover," when describing the efforts.

Tinker goes on to lay out how the city of Hoxie is doing financially and said if a ballot measure were to come about for annexation with Walnut Ridge, to "vote and just say no."

Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp is optimistic in consolidating with next door neighbor Hoxie, but Hoxie residents are not on board.

"I am here to tell you it is not going happen," said Laury McGinty, a Hoxie business owner. "As long as Lanny Tinker is mayor, he will not let that happen."

McGinty is just one of many Hoxie locals who reacted to Snapp's consolidation efforts.

Snapp told Region 8 News on Monday that combining the two towns would bring a greater quality of life for everyone.

McGinty disagrees. She believes Tinker can do more for Hoxie if they are left alone.

"Charles Snapp needs to run his own little town by himself and leave Hoxie alone," McGinty said. "These two towns were put here for a purpose. They didn't make this one big town. They made it two towns. And even though they are small, we can still make Hoxie a better town if people would just leave us alone."

Snapp reportedly sees an opportunity for more economic growth by consolidating.

He said Walnut Ridge has seen a positive outcome by consolidating with College City last year through population and a growing franchise tax and sales tax base.

Tinker told Region 8 News that Hoxie is in good shape, and he sees no need to consolidate.

"Hoxie deserves to grow just like Walnut Ridge does," McGinty said. "Walnut Ridge just needs to leave Hoxie alone. Lanny's got a lot of ideas that he's talked to me about in confidentiality. I back him up on it and I really hope he does what he wants to do with this town."

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