Coyotes packing up, killing local outdoor pets

(Source: KAIT file footage)
(Source: KAIT file footage)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

BAY, AR (KAIT) - Bay police are asking residents to bring their outdoor pets inside after coyotes targeted a woman's pet pig and ate it.

Police told Region 8 News that the coyotes come in packs, mostly at night, desperate for food.

So desperate, a woman posted a picture of her pig on Facebook stating the coyotes attacked it.

Region 8 News spoke with other locals. One woman said she can hear them loud and clear throughout the night, even seeing two running through her yard.

"They will yip, yip, yip, yip," said Laurie Hightower. "They are packing up. They're coming in gathering up to hunt. I guess that's what they do. I've heard reports of small animals being attacked."

Hightower owns the Shake Shop in town. A customer told her that a resident's dog recently went missing. The family later found it dead. They believe coyotes are to blame.

"I keep my pets inside," she said. "I have two cats, and I keep my eyes on them."

Police said if the coyotes are hungry enough, they will make their way into cages and pens, adding it is best to bring pets inside especially during the night.

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