Scam Artists Strike Again

June 3, 2005-- Posted at 11:22 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-- scam artists are once again targeting elderly residents of clay county. Sheriff ronnie cole tells k8 news it happened three times friday. Two residents who live between corning and datto were targets, along with one resident in st. Francis.

In one incident, the scam artists showed up with rolled up carpet, said cole. He said a heavyset, blond man and a tall, slender, dark-haired man used a roll of carpet to block the view of the victim, and stole $130.00. The victim told police the men were driving an older-model, white pontiac century or 6000 with four doors. The victim noted the car was dirty and needed to be washed. In another incident, the elderly woman the men were targeting got suspicious, and yelled at the men, who left, said cole.

The third incident happened in st. Francis. Cole said a man claiming to be with entergy showed up at the door, and told the resident he might qualify for a $40 discount. The victim told police the man looked around and pulled out what appeared to be a $100 bill and said he could give the victim the $40 if the victim had change. The victim didn't. Cole said the man then told the victim he needed to measure rooms in the home and asked the victim to hold one end of a measuring tape. The victim told police the man then went into another room. He told police that when he started to get suspicious, the man left hurriedly.  The suspect in this incident is described as a man in his 50's with white hair, possibly wearing dark blue pants and a light blue shirt. Sheriff cole said he got into a large, late-model black car driven by another man.

All three incidents happened around lunch time.

Sheriff cole is urging everyone to be very alert to strangers who show up at your door. He says don't open the door, and pay close attention to the person at the door and the car they're using. He is asking residents to call police right away if they notice someone suspicious in their neighborhood or driveway.

If you have any information about any of these incidents, or think you may have seen the suspects, call the clay county sheriff's office at 870-857-6752.