Cancer Survivors Celebrate Life

June 5, 2005--Posted at 7:30 CDT

JONESBORO-- For the past month, Jonesboro has held events to raise money for cancer research. Today, a cancer survivors' dinner allowed survivors to gather and celebrate life.

One couple says cancer is more than just a deadly disease. They say it's a chance to embrace life and hope for the future.

Survivor Margaret Maloch says, "I was first diagnosed in May of 2000 with breast cancer. Then I went into remission for two years, then it came back in my lungs in 2002, in 2003, I had a brain tumor and three weeks ago Tuesday, I had a brain tumor removed."
Margaret describes cancer as a bump in the road of life ... One that she'll survive with the help of her husband of 35 years.
"When she was first diagnosed with cancer it kind of brought us closer together because we knew we had a battle to fight together," David Maloch says.
It's a fight they thought had been won on numerous occasions, but for Margaret, her struggle is an uphill battle.
"It's always kind of a relief when it goes away or shrinks and then when it comes back, you feel like you've been knocked down and you've gotta start climbing back up again," Margaret says.
"Through all of this, she's maintained a cheerful, happy disposition. She never has gotten angry or questioned God why has this has happened to me," David says.
Her reason for survival .... Her husband, two children and three grandchildren and much of life that she says is left to live.
"I'm just a fighter. I'm just determined I'm not going to let it get me down. I want to live so I continue to fight, daily," Margaret says.
"We're very close. We support each other, we think alike... It's been a great ride so we don't want it to stop," David says.
If you have any questions about cancer diagnosis and treatment, you can visit the American Cancer Society web site at .