TB&P: Delegation mostly quiet on immigration issue

TB&P: Delegation mostly quiet on immigration issue

(KAIT/TALK BUSINESS & POLITICS) - In the aftermath of an executive order dealing with immigration, members of the state's congressional delegation said the United States must be vigilant in dealing with terroristic threats.

According to Talk Business and Politics, Senator John Boozman and Senator Tom Cotton and Representative Rick Crawford each said the issue is multi-faceted.

Crawford, who was named this month to the House Intelligence Committee, said security was key.

"In our own neighborhoods, we don't lock our doors because we dislike the people who live outside, we lock our doors because we love those who are inside. The same is true on the international stage. Green card holders and aides of the U.S. military should be allowed entry, but refugees from countries with very active threat networks deserve additional scrutiny, period. Trump's executive order on refugees from 7 unstable nations is a temporary security measure designed to keep our nation safer, which is the role of our federal government above everything else," Crawford said.

Cotton, who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the executive order from President Donald Trump was not a religious test.

"It's simply wrong to call the president's executive order concerning immigration and refugees 'a religious test' of any kind. I doubt many Arkansans or Americans more broadly object to taking a harder look at foreigners coming into our country from war-torn nations with known terror networks; I think they're wondering why we don't do that already. With proper procedures for green-card holders and immigrants with a documented history of serving alongside our troops, I think most Americans support these common-sense measures," Cotton said. "I also think it's high time we took action to fix an ill-designed refugee program that harms Christians and other religious minorities who've suffered from genocide in Syria. Whatever the media and liberal politicians may say, I'm confident that, under Secretary Kelly's leadership, these measures will help keep America safe."

In a statement to Talk Business and Politics, Boozman said the immigration issue needs an overhaul.

"Protecting our national security must be a top priority. Our intelligence community and citizens in communities across Arkansas and the United States lack confidence in the programs we use to vet refugees fleeing from persecution and war-torn countries like Syria," Boozman said. "We need reasonable measures that allow us to evaluate safety checks for people coming into our country. I have great confidence in Secretary Kelly and look forward to working with him to secure our borders. This is best achieved by working with Congress and the appropriate agencies to alleviate unintended consequences."

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