SLIDESHOW: Most Googled Super Bowl foods (by state)

SLIDESHOW: Most Googled Super Bowl foods (by state)

(WBTV) - If you are planning a Super Bowl party for this weekend and looking for a good recipe - chances are you enlisted the help of Google.

New and interesting recipes are always just a click away on the search engine. If you got an idea for your party from your search, you aren't alone.

Monday, Google released its list of top-searched Super Bowl recipes by the state.

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The results were probably a varied as the friends you'll have in your home.

In addition to the game day staples of wings and dips, the results showed some interesting choices for casseroles and even the dessert for your favorite sweet tooth.

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Take a look at what was most searched in your state and you might get a good idea. If you still need a good food idea, check out these.

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