Dead animals dumped near road

(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A sight not so great to see was recently found lying near a Craighead County road in Jonesboro.

Officers with the Arkansas Game and Fish are now investigating animals dumped into a ditch beside Craighead County Road 425.

Wildlife Officer Jeff McMullin said there are rules and regulations involved with how and where you dispose of waterfowl.

"Whenever you harvest a duck or goose," McMullin said. "Any kind of waterfowl, any kind of wildlife you are required to have to keep the edible portions. So, for instance, on a duck or a goose, you have to keep the breast. You can not dispose of the whole animal and let it ruin or there will be a fine associated with it in the amount of up to $2,500."

McMullin said there were a couple of specific problems with the site near Craighead County Road 425.

"There are some problems associated with this waterfowl here in this ditch," McMullin said. "The geese have not been properly cleaned. The breast are still attached. The goose are still whole. Therefore it has been dumped and the edible portions have been wasted. The ducks, however, had been cleaned. The breast was removed and it's just a carcass lying here in the ditch."

McMullin added a second problem was how close to the road they dumped the animals.

"As far as disposing of the carcass," McMullin said. "If they do clean it properly, and get all the edible portions of the waterfowl. They are allowed to dispose of the carcasses because they are biodegradable. But in order to do that they need to be at least fifty yards off the center line of any maintained road and have permission if they dump it on any private land from that land owner to dump it on their land. This right here is right off the side of a county road, which is visible to passing traffic. That's why we have that regulation in place. So, that it gets it away from any heavily traveled road."

McMullin said this falls under their littering violation.

He said there is a fine associated with that as well with a penalty up to $1,000.

"You have multiple game animals here," McMullin said. "There are five geese here that have not been cleaned. And so, that penalty can be associated with each goose. So that penalty could be times five. So, someone could possibly loose their hunting and fishing privileges and have a pretty hefty fine associated with the penalty."

McMullin said the Arkansas Game and Fish works hard to educate the public on the rules.

He said they've even created and distributed a number of regulation books for the public.

"We put out regulation books," McMullin said. "We even have waterfowl regulation books. That's all they address is waterfowl. We put them at all of our big locations around here. We have them at Wal-Mart, DNW, any outdoors stores they'll have regulation books. They are free and anybody can get them. And if you get a regulation book it'll explain everything you can keep and all of our regulations."

McMullin said this case is now under investigation.

"We have five geese I have counted that have not been properly cleaned," McMullin said. "So, any help we can get to find out who has dumped these geese out will be of benefit. And there is a reward for any citations or arrests that are made from this information."

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