A Better Region 8: 'Seeing Red' - Thursday at 10

When my kids were young, we played a game called Green Light, Red Light.  The concept was simple: The kids could run when we said "green light," and when we yelled "red light" everyone had to stop.

Great memories of a great game that was supposed to teach them a lesson that would come back to them when they started driving.

That lesson is "Green means go and red means stop." It seems many people must not have played that game when they were kids.

There are 85 stoplights in the city of Jonesboro and hundreds more across all of Region 8.

In a Region 8 News hidden camera exclusive, Journalist Craig Rickert found that too many drivers a red light is only a suggestion to stop.

The people who we caught running red lights were young and old. They were everyday citizens and even a school bus driver. And all of them should know better.

In the report, we break down how many tickets police wrote for running red lights in the city of Jonesboro and the intersections with the most red light runners.

The consequences go much deeper than a ticket and a fine: Run a red light, and you could injure or kill innocent people. This report also sheds light on that from a personal angle.

I invite you to watch our Region 8 News hidden camera report: "Seeing Red" Thursday at 10.

If you run a red light, you never know who's watching, and all of us have to pay better attention.

Remembering that green means "go" and red means that we really do have to "stop" will make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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