NYIT creates programs to generate interest in medical school

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Faculty at the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University hope outreach programs will create interest in the school among younger students.

"The mission of this medical school has been to train physicians in Arkansas for Arkansas, but really that is only one cog in the wheel, so to speak," Dr. Shane Speights, dean of NYIT at A-State said. "We've got a lot of programs we are going to implement that will actually churn excitement and engagement from high school students to college students and even down into elementary school students, to get interested in healthcare fields and kind of generate interest in science."

One of the outreach programs is called "Structure, Function, and Technology: An Introduction to Gross Anatomy," and will be held in February and March.

Several Region 8 high school students plan to attend each of the sessions.

They will get the opportunity to go into the anatomy lab, with medical students and see the type of work that is done.

"So we bring them in, we do some training, we have our trained anatomist and our faculty that actually work with the students and then we actually take them into the gross anatomy lab with our medical school students and do some training there in the lab," Dr. Speights said.

The goal of these outreach programs is to give early exposure to health care careers.

"Part of our mission at this school, in addition to creating physicians, is to create that pipeline, to basically generate the interest from really middle school to high school to undergraduate that yeah, I can go to medical school or yeah I can have a career in the health care field," Dr. Speights said.

There will also be a three day mini-medical school camp on the A-State campus June 14-16, 2017 for high school students.

"They'll actually be exposed to all different types of healthcare fields, including medical school and including being a physician," Dr. Speights said. "Hopefully this will generate interest in a lot of kids that otherwise wouldn't get that opportunity."

Dr. Speights said he hopes students from Region 8 will choose to go to medical school and then practice medicine here.

"We know statistically that if we train students, medical students and physicians, in this area there's a lot higher likelihood that they'll stay in this area," Dr. Speights said. "If they do their residency training, they usually, about 60% of the time, will stay within 100 miles of where they train. That's huge for an area like this that is in desperate need of more physicians."

The remaining dates for the anatomy program are Feb. 17, Feb. 24, March 3, and March 10.

For more information and to reserve spots for students, contact Mary Margaret Jackson by phone at 870-680-8814 or by email at marymargaret.jackson@nyit.edu.

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