Thousands of Dollars in Stolen Goods Returned

June 8, 2005--Posted at 9:30 CDT
JONESBORO-- A Trumann arrest led to the house full of stolen goods in Jonesboro last night.

The police spent most of the morning sifting through the items, and the value is astonishing.

Karla Preston of Hanke Brothers says, "We got burglarized last week and they took everything, everything. We didn't have anything. We were trying to figure out what our next step was going to be."
The Trumann police completed that next step with the arrest of the alleged burglars Mike and Tammy Scarbrough.
They were picked up after police noticed they were trying to make a get away with a few golf carts.
Police also discovered they were driving a truck that was stolen from a car lot in Jonesboro.
"During the investigation into the stolen truck, our detectives discovered there were numerous stolen items here in Jonesboro at a residence," Sgt. Steve McDaniel of the Jonesboro Police Department says.
Police searched the Scarbrough residence on Highland Park Circle near Hytrol late last night, and they spent most the morning sifting through a large number of stolen goods from numerous Jonesboro burglaries.
"There were a couple of vehicles that have been recovered, very expensive vehicles, there's a wave runner, personal water craft, several computers, laptop computers, office furniture golf clubs .... Several different miscellaneous items," Sgt. McDaniel says.
The value of the stolen goods recovered in Trumann and Jonesboro exceeds $170 thousand, and the police are returning all of those items to their rightful owners.
"I wasn't very positive thinking that we would get anything back. I thought maybe a computer, and when I drove up and saw we got everything I was thrilled," Preston says.  
"We're appreciative of the Trumann Police Department for the great work that they did in apprehending these two individuals. It's really led to us being able to solve some burglaries here in Jonesboro," Sgt McDaniel says. 
 The Scarbroughs who police say are brother and sister have been formally charged. Their bonds were set at $25 thousand a piece.