Teacher sees success in online program

Teacher sees success in online program
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
A Marmaduke elementary teacher has found success with an online learning program.
Jacquita Anderson, a 4th-grade teacher, can now pinpoint exactly what each individual student needs to work on by finding Arcademic Skill Builders online.  

Many of my kids have struggled, Anderson said.

She did not realize all of her students would be interested in the online program that helps with multiplication, division and other subject areas.
The website offered a 30-day trial period. Her kids took part in a nationwide multiplication contest.

That is when she learned how engaged her students became in areas theyve struggled with.

They competed with students across the country, playing mathematical games at school, some even during recess hour and at home.
Anderson noticed the challenge intrigued the students, drawing them into being able to grasp a hold of their skills.
Little did Anderson know, the results were exactly what she was looking for.

I mean, we have several that struggle, she said. Whenever they were doing the game it gives me feedback. I can get reports. It showed me one little boy and the one's he missed were his sixes, now he knows to work on that.

The entire 4th grade participated in the online program, it was not mandatory. After the completion, Anderson learned the students received seventh place nationwide in the grade-points category out of hundreds of schools.

Since using the online skill-builder, Anderson also said there has been an increase in test scores.

I can tell a difference in their testing, Anderson said. It shows they have gone up a little in their grade level. They were so involved. They came together as a whole. It makes me proud as a teacher.

The school awarded the students with individual paper-plaques in the hallway and a pizza party.

Anderson hopes the school will go beyond the 30-day trial and invest in the online program so more students in the district can get involved.
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