Seniors show 'Ageless Grace'

(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A group of Region 8 residents was moving to the rhythm of the music on Thursday.

A class is underway at UAMS Center on Aging Northeast, called Ageless Grace.

Education Specialist Cynthia Abel said this class works more than just one part of the body.

"It is a body and brain activity," Abel said. "It's an activity done completely seated in a chair. And we do it to music. It has twenty-one different tools that we use. Each one has a different theme. Like you've got 'juicy joints' where you move all the joints in the body. With 'dive in' you pretend your swimming. There's not set choreography. You just have a theme and go with it."

Abel said you use all the parts of your body.

One exercise is even focused solely on facial muscles.

"It's a very fun class," Abel said. "It's good for all ages. We're targeting older adults, but anyone who wants to come to this class would really benefit from this."

Abel said anyone who attends will get a lot out of it.

"It's beneficial because it works the body," Abel said. "But it also makes you think. Because a lot of it, you have to follow the leader. You have to see where things go. And since there's no choreography you can't memorize anything. So, you have to pay attention and follow. Some things you even spell with your arms or spell with your nose. Others you have to count. And the counting exercises are really good because you can do variations. You can count five and then do a clap. It makes the brain work harder. So, it's good for the whole body."

Abel said when it comes to your health, being active is the best thing you can do.

"Exercise is really the best medicine you can have," Abel said. "It's probably the most important one you can have. It can keep you younger. It can keep chronic diseases at bay, like heart disease or arthritis or diabetes. The more activity you have the better you feel."

This class is free and open to the public.

Abel said they'll be teaching it for the next six weeks.

The next class will be on Feb. 23 at the Center on Aging, Northeast.

You can reach the Center on Aging, Northeast by calling (870) 207-7595 or at 1-800-745-0557.

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