Walnut Ridge Airport Expansion Underway

June 8, 2005--Posted at 6:30 PM CST

WALNUT RIDGE- The addition to runway 22 at Walnut Ridge Regional Airport is underway. The construction is moving at a faster pace because of the lack of rain.

Airport manager, Ken Newcom says that the problems with the current situation is the length of the existing runway.

Newcom said, "Sometimes transport planes come through here and can't take on a full load of fuel. After the lengthening is complete, we will be able to hold bigger planes, which in turns generates new jobs."

And that is exactly what Walnut Ridge and the surroundings communities want.

"Jonesboro as a very nice airport, but if you are looking for an airport that has the space that you need, you have to come here," Newcom said.

The airport is expecting business to increase after the remodeling is complete. New jobs will need to be added to hold up to the increase in traffic.

To make Walnut Ridge Regional an airport that can support masses of people, it would take an estimated $50 million dollars in new infrastructure.