Three Souls on Their Way Across America

June 10, 2005--Posted at 10:30 PM CST

JONESBORO--Imagine leaving everything you know behind, bringing just the clothes on your back, and walking down the highway. I got the unique experience of meeting three souls who have done just that. This is a story of determination, and pride for our country.

For the last fifty days Charles Eads and John Hoover have walked nearly 1200 miles. Their two lives came to a fork in the road at the same time, and fate brought them together. Charles went for a walk to find a new purpose in life, while John was put into circumstances that left him without a home.

John Hoover said, "I was involved in a situation with my family and became homeless. I began walking and walked into Kentucky and that is when I met Charles."

Teamed up with john's dog, bear, the three are on a mission to walk to every state in the U.S.. Before they set out on the journey, they made sure that every step taken was for a reason. John walks for the homeless and while Charles walks for our soldiers.

"it's a good thing that we are together. We're supportive of each other in everything that we do in this walk. And it's all worth the cause," Hoover said.

The trio has to stick to the smaller roads along their journey because walking on major interstates is against the law. With no sponsors or large financial support, they walk on the back roads finding smaller towns with even larger hearts.

Eads said, "we have got a lot of people who are supporting us and it is the American people. It's the small towns and the communities that we go out in that we come through that are so patriotic. Those are the people that support us."

And with thousands of miles and long days ahead, they keep walking, remembering the faces they see, the people they touch, and the reasons they do what they do.

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