A Better Region 8: Solving Dicamba issues, tonight at 10

For countless farm families across Region 8, farming is a passionate way of life going back generations.

But as farming has evolved over the years, it's become big business. Depending on the yield, some farms can harvest hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in crops during a season.

In years past, a successful yield was mostly dependent on Mother Nature. Floods, droughts, and everything in between can impact a harvest.

But the ability to turn a profit has become even more difficult for some, due to an herbicide that kills broad-leaf weeds, known as Dicamba.

While Dicamba has been on the market for decades, dicamba-tolerant or -resistant seeds are changing the game, and some argue, not in a good way.

The University of Arkansas Extension Office says under the right circumstances, Dicamba can drift through the air to other fields damaging crops that can't tolerate it.

In Region 8, issues related to Dicamba have made headlines for months.  The herbicide is so controversial, some farmers abandoned the idea of working things out neighbor-to-neighbor and turned to more drastic measures. In October 2016, Leachville farmer Mike Wallace was shot to death by a neighboring farmhand after a verbal argument about Dicamba drifting onto his property.

We invite you to explore the controversy tonight on Region 8 News at 10.

Journalist Allison Munn looks deeper into the use of Dicamba, it's benefits and drawbacks. She goes to the state capitol to find out what Region 8 lawmakers plan to do to help, and what Monsanto – the company who introduced Dicamba-resistant seeds to the market – has to say about the issues that have cropped up in Region 8.

Knowing that when something impacts farming, it impacts all of us and finding answers to sensitive issues makes this A Better Region 8.

Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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