Traffic Stop Lands Murder Suspect

JUNE 12, 2005

JONESBORO, AR - A traffic stop nets Jonesboro Police a murder suspect. Michael Jordan Wright is wanted for murder in Boise, Idaho. Jonesboro Police had information that led them to beleive Wright was in the Jonesboro area. But they didn't expect to get him the way they did.

Saturday night around 9:30, JPD pulled over a car at the corner of Nettleton and Caraway that had a broken headlight. There were three people in the car.  Wright was riding in the back seat.

Police quickly determined it was Wright after the name he gave them did not match police records.  Fingerprint records would later confirm the the man in the back seat was, in fact, Michael Jordan Wright.  The same man police in Boise were after.

Federal Marshalls will transport Wright back to Idaho later this week.

The two other people in the car were not arrested.