Social & Risk Reduction Training held for Greek members

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - After Arkansas State University suspended all registered Greek events following certain incidents that took place, a Social & Risk Reduction Training event was held Tuesday on campus in Centennial Hall for fraternity members.

This training was meant to remind students of the different risks that could happen at any social event.

"We hope this educated the students on rape, sexual assault, alcohol or any other thing that they could come encounter with," said Sgt. Traci Simpson with Arkansas State University Police. "What we are trying to do is reach out to them before it becomes a problem."

During the training, several speakers including those with Greek Life, and those with departments involved in the Division of Student Affairs spoke to nearly 500 students, giving them a good idea of what the word consent means in any sexual activity.

"Before going into this meeting, I figured it would be about consent and what not to do and blah blah blah, but after sitting through it all, I really took something more from this," said CJ Turner Jr, a member of Phi Beta Sigma. "Through the video presentation, I saw not only the events that led up to the sexual assault action but the interventions that other people played in the scenarios as well."

Carly Roberts is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta and she agreed that the entire setting was very informative and very needed.

"It just really opened all of our eyes to the fact that bad things happen and we have to be aware of that and we can't be bystanders," said Roberts. "It's time for us just to really be leaders and just to take a stand of that we can change. We can change this."

During the training, Greek organizations also learned the importance of being a leader on and off campus.

"It's good especially in times like this to just be reminded that we have a standard to uphold that comes with the letters that come along with our organization," said Jacob Sanders, a member of Pi Kappa Alpha.

"In time, the climate will change and we will be back where we need to be and go beyond where we were," said Turner.

Most of all, the speakers stressed the importance of making a change for the safety of others.

"Be a good witness, be a good standby person, report something," said Simpson. "Even if you don't think it is something that bad, report it."

Simpson also added that she urges anyone needing any type of help or anyone who sees anything suspicious to call them at 870-972-2093.

Students can also download the campus's QuickTip application which is an easy source to report any suspicious activity happening on campus anonymously.

Simpson said because the need to educate more students on these issues goes beyond Greek life, two more training sessions will be held for anyone on campus March 13 and March 30, in addition to the sorority training session scheduled for March 29.

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