Two Local Barbecue Joints Go National

June 14, 2005--Posted at 6:30 PM CST

JONESBORO--Demo's Barbecue has been serving some of the best pulled pork to North East Arkansas for more than eight years. The food is so good that they are finally getting national recognition.

Barbecue is everywhere these days and only the famous one's get to stick around. At Demo's Barbecue, they have officially made a name for themselves. They just got published in a book called "Peace, Love and Barbecue." So we thought we would take a look at what makes Demo's so special.

Demo Gambill, Owner of Demo's says, "The pork has got to be better than the beef," referring to a comparison to Texas Style Barbecue.

Demo's is featured in the new book in which the author criss-crossed the country looking for the best. There are only four barbecue joints in Arkansas that got published and Demo's made the cut. Demo says making good barbecue starts with the rub.

Gambill said, "We have our own special dry spice it's called. We take this spice and we rub it all over these ribs and on these chickens and then we let it sit in these tubs a couple of days."

And from the tubs comes probably the most difficult part... The Smoker. This is where all of the magic happens. Demo has three smokers were he cooks 30 to 40 ham butts, 150 chickens and nearly 100 racks of pork ribs on a daily basis.

Gambill said, "There is you a finished product right there (showing us the smoker). This is the same product that we saw earlier, the loin back rib. This is a finished product."

He says you can enjoy the meat by itself or add a side of home cooked vegetables. But Demo says you really can't have barbecue in Arkansas without the slaw and the beans.

Demo took some beans out of the oven and let me have a taste. I have a pretty good sense for some quality beans. My last name isn't Bean for nothing.

One thing about good food and good people, they can't serve you enough. Pulled pork, pork ribs, Grandpa's pork, and of course the chicken... I ate it all, enjoying every bite.

Now that the word is out about Demo's, these famous beans and barbecue might be a little harder to come by. Demo's is not the only famous barbecue in Region 8. Just down Highway 49, Woody's Barbecue was also featured in the new book.

We tried to contact William "Woody" Wood for an interview, but he was unfortunately out of town and I couldn't try his Famous Rib Sandwich.