Road Construction Slows Down More than Just Traffic

June 16, 2005--Posted 5:00 pm CDT

Sedgwick, AR--Road work along Hwy 63 near Sedgwick is on schedule but for some business owners in the smallLawrence County town it cannot get done soon enough.  Randle Lawson says the construction which has been going on for more than two years has put him temporarily out of business.


“People used to be able to park right here.” He says while pointing to a newly dug drainage ditch.  “There isn’t any reason to open if people cannot come in to park and to do business.”


Other business owners agreed the construction is a bit of a nuisance but adds the state has been very responsive when it comes to their needs.  Lawrence County Judge Alex Latham acknowledges the problem but says it will all be worth the trouble in just a few years.  “It may not be a plus right now.”  He says, “but five ten years down the road it will be a big plus for this community.”


District 10 engineer Joe Barnett says the construction should be complete by sometime next year.  Adding relief could come in as little as a few weeks for local businesses.  Adding that is when they expect to open up the current highway back up to two lanes instead of the one they are now down to.