Getting a Jump on Holiday Decorating...In June

June 17, 2005 – Posted at 6:39 p.m. CDT
JONESBORO, AR -- In 2001, it was estimated that Americans spent $6.4 billion dollars on Christmas and holiday decorations. With that many twinkle lights to drag out every year, it leaves some folks looking for help.
Kids may love the lights during the holidays, but probably don't have any idea about what goes into decorating.
“The biggest issue I’d say that comes up is roof lighting, because the steepness of the new roofs now,” said Robert Sartin of Sartin Services.
Sartin and Trey McKee can save you from your decorating dilemma. It's called Christmas Decor and even in the heat of the summer, it's never too early to start planning.
“We've got to start sometime first of September, getting roof lights on so that we can meet the schedule,” said Sartin.
“We lease the Christmas lights to you, put them on the house, maintain them and then take them back down and store them until the next year comes around,” said McKee.
The crew decorates about 50 homes and businesses across Region 8. But they say every job is different.
“We have some people have us do roof lighting and then they do all the ground stuff themselves. And for some people, we do the whole thing. It just depends on what the customer wants just like anything else you do,” said McKee.
Christmas Decor doesn't just do lights...they also hang greenery and wreaths.